Dungarvan Ireland
        Between the Mountains and the Irish Sea




Dungarvan Leader

Printing Works, O'Connell Street,
Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
Tel: (058) 41203

The Leader is the only one of the three local papers to have an online site (as of 2008). The newspaper is split into .pdf pages which makes for relatively big downloads. But, you can read the entire paper online and keep up with local Dungarvan events.

The Leader is a weekly paper, appearing every Wednesday

Dungarvan Observer

Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
Tel: 058- 41205

The Observer is the longest established paper in Dungarvan with more than a century of news under its printing belt.

The Observer is a weekly paper, appearing every Wednesday.

Dungarvan People

The Bridge
Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
Tel: (058) 45714
News editor: esther.hayden@peoplenews.ie

The People is the newest of the three local papers with its first edition hitting the streets in 2008. The People is part of the market giant Independent News which publishes many regional newspapers and the national Independent



The Broadcast Centre,
F.29 The Plaza,
Dungarvan Shopping Centre,  County Waterford
Tel: 058-43951
Fax: 058-45822
Email: rosarie@wlrfm.com

WLR stands for Waterford Local Radio and the station dominates airwave coverage of the County. Located at 95.1 and 97.5 on the FM dial, the website features local news, events, photos and you can listen to it live over the Web.


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